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An adventure, an investigation, a quest ?

Matthieu, mountain leader, continues his trekking experience with the Via Alpina, an 8 countries-crossing of the Alps from Trieste to Monaco.
One thing in mind :  What influence does hiking in the mountains have on us ?
Between Matthieu’s personal  journey and the testimonials of hikers met on the way, a whole new world is unveiled.
Far from being just an outdoor activity in a dream-like scenery, trekking becomes an awareness tool driving us to rethink our way of living.




An investigation inside the Alps...


Self-documented, in self-sufficiency and on foot.






uphill /downhill









of video equipment



rush videos


They walked for a week or several months...

Meetings over the course of the hike and improvised interviews with characters from totally different horizons & backgrounds.
Elvira Jané Alarcón

Elvira Jané Alarcón

VIA ALPINA - Monaco to Trieste (105 days)

Elvira is mountain leader in the Spanish Pyrenees. Manager of a hotel in altitude, she took a break from her professional duties to undertake the entire crossing of the Alps on her own, from Monaco to Trieste and in a little over 100 days.

Homepage of ‘hostal Las Roquetes in Queralbs’

Lucas Fanton

Lucas Fanton

GR5 - Lac Léman to Nice (30 days)

Originally from Lyon, Lucas and his partner decided to engage into the ‘Grande Traversée des Alpes’ in France through the GR5 trail. This was their very first experience travelling for so long in mountains. They hiked with their own equipment so that they could camp each night. 

Jessica Davet

Jessica DAVET

VIA ALPINA - Geneva to Trieste (60 days)

Jessica lives near Geneva in Switzerland. With her friend Ann Christin, they decided to leave their homes and join the Mediterranean sea, choosing to cross the mountains in 2 months through the Via Alpina path. In their backpacks, they carried all the equipment needed to enable them to sleep outside.

Walter Schramm

Walter Schramm

VIA ALPINA - Trieste to Monaco (90 days)

Walter lives right in the heart of the Alps, in Brunico, Italian Dolomites.

For his 60th birthday, he decided to challenge himself in crossing the Alps in their entirety, this also being the opportunity to write a book on his thoughts along the way. Walter travelled light, carrying only the core fundamentals. He sleeps in the available accommodations found on his path like refuges, gîtes and hôtels.

Leonie Bremm


Crossing of the Karwendel Parc (4 days)

Léonie lives near Hamburg, Germany. She accepted the invitation of her aunty to travel in Austria. It is her very first mountaineering experience, and also her first hike! She walked through the Karwendel natural park in Austria, staying at night in the refuges available to her along the path. A complete discovery!

Martin Reiter

Martin Reiter

Crossing of the Carnic Alps (5 days)

Martin comes from Austria. Usually hiking for one-day long only with his wife, he decided on this occasion to go on his own, crossing this mountain range filled with history and which today marks the border between Austria and Italy. He hikes from a refuge to another, and has a particular affection for the contrast between daily loneliness and evening meetings with other travellers.

Andrew White

Andrew White

Carnic Alps (3 days)

Andrew travelled from Colorado, US. He is on a vacation in Europe with his family, and decided to enjoy some of his free time with his twin brother by travelling around the Carnic Alps and choosing to stay in refuges at night.

Gerd Juntermanns

Gerd Juntermanns

VIA ALPINA by segments ( 15-20 days a year )

After many years living in South America, Gerd returned to Berlin, Germany. Every year, he hikes segments of the Via Alpina with his wife, a friend and other family members. He had the opportunity to trek a lot, mostly whilst living in South America. He makes use of the readily available infrastructures in the Alps to spend every nights stops.

Ine Debrabandere

Ine Debrabandere

Roundtrip of the Aiguilles Rouges (5 days)

Ine lives in Belgium and is in charge of an educational ecological centre. She often enjoys trips in the mountains carrying the bare minimum with her, that is, a backpack, a little tarp and a sleeping bag. She left on her own for a roundtrip of ‘Les  Aiguilles Rouges’.


Know more about her educational centre.