An expert film-making team based around Grenoble.

Accustomed to mountain themed films, they put together their skills with this project.

The challenge : move on to a new kind of documentary films, that had seldom been directed this way. 


Matthieu Chambaud - réalisateur et accompagnateur en montagne

Matthieu Chambaud

Film direction & production

Mountain leader based near Grenoble, Matthieu sees the mountain environment as a space for introspection and reflection. In particular, he is interested in hiking and non-motorised type of travelling. Whilst in the process of building an out-of-the-box  type of hiking agency, he challenged himself to assist newbies in undertaking their own adventures in mountains, experiences thought to find (again) oneself and live in serenity.



Jérémie Chenal - monteur

Jérémie Chenal

Editing & Color Grading

Jérémie was trained as a video editor. He masters all aspects of post-production related to images.  This key skill enabled the final accomplishment of the directing work, and it often happened that his trained eye turned him into a director on a series of projects. Versatile and fast responding, he is as comfortable in live editing big events like ‘la Pierra Menta’ or working on awarded documentary films like ‘Sur le fil des 3000 Ubayens’ and ‘Entre ciel et cimes’.

Tullio Rizzato - Mixage son


Sound mixing

Tullio is a musician and a sound engineer, following years studying at the ‘Conservatoire de Paris’. He shares his time between the ‘Opéra de Lyon’, recordings of shows from the choregrapher Jean-Claude Gallota or other famous orchestras, so much for the sound side of the job than the artistic direction. His interests are also turned towards mountain themes, e.g, he would engage in sound recording for documentaries in a a wide range of environmental conditions (ski, rock climbing, alpinism) but also sound mixing at the Studio Gaïné based in Lans en Vercors.

Shami Monany

Music & Original Soundtrack

Shami Monany is a professional bass player and works with different music bands in the area of Grenoble and Lyon. His musical background is rich and also crosses different styles: Jazz, Soul/Funk, Electro Rock. 

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This documentary film is also the work of :

Riad Klaï (Music Mastering ), Matthieu Chambaud (french captions), Emily Groves (english captions), Beatrix Voigt (german captions), Françoise Chambaud (spanish captions), Lelia Monticelli (italian captions).






rush videos



of post-production



the documentary film.

A production made possible thanks to ...

Sponsors and individuals who engaged in the crowdfunding campaign.